When a loved one passes away, their assets and debts must be dealt with according to law. The person who handles the Estate Administration (an administrator if the deceased died without a will, an executor if there was a will) will need help in navigating the legal system in settling the deceased’s estate. Many issues need to be dealt with, such as how to transfer the title to motor vehicles, how to close out bank accounts, when it is appropriate to pay debts, when it is appropriate to distribute the deceased’s property, and how the property is to be distributed if the deceased did not have a will, just to name a few. Many documents must be prepared and filed in the Clerk of Court’s office. We offer compassionate and competent legal assistance in handling your loved one’s estate.

In addition to routine estate administration, it is an unfortunate fact of life that in some estates, disputes can arise among the family of the deceased. In many of these cases, the heirs will have to retain an attorney to represent them, separate from the attorney who is handling the estate, due to a conflict of interest. Our Monroe probate lawyers have experience in representing individual heirs in estate disputes, such as will challenges (will caveats) and disagreements concerning the proper distribution of estate property.

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