Alimony, Post-Separation Support & Spousal Support

As a result of a separation or divorce, either party may be awarded spousal support in order to make ends meet. In North Carolina, spousal support is based on the economic situation of the parties, plus other statutory factors, and may be awarded as post-separation support, alimony, or both. Post-separation support is temporary and usually set for a definite period of time. Alimony can be permanent, but usually is not. Additionally, an award of post-separation support does not automatically guarantee alimony. In either situation, the party seeking spousal support must prove that he or she is the financially dependent spouse and the other spouse is the financially supporting spouse.

Depending on a variety of other factors set out in the law, a judge will determine who receives support, how much, and for how long. There are no set guidelines or formulas for the determination of spousal support. The family law attorneys at Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long, L.L.P. have experience in seeking support for clients and defending against such claims. By understanding the factors that a judge will consider in this determination, we can provide you with knowledgeable and skillful legal counsel with superior representation that will advocate your position.