Do you need a Real Estate Lawyer?


Buying or selling a home may end up being the most significant financial transaction you ever engage in, one that affects all aspects of your life.  You likely don’t know all things you need to know to protect yourself.  That’s why it’s best to have a qualified real estate lawyer help you through the process.

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Holding Title to Your Home

You have recently gotten married and the two of you want to buy a new home. How should you hold title to what will likely be your biggest asset?Tenants by Entireties

There are several ways to hold your title such as: Tenants in Common, Joint Tenants and Tenants by the Entireties. There is no one right way and you should consult with an attorney before taking or changing title. This discussion is only about Tenants by the Entireties.

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3 Ways to Establish Joint Ownership in North Carolina

Couple establishing joint ownership of property in North Carolina


We often work with families or business associates that want joint ownership of a property but aren’t sure which type of ownership structure is best for their unique situation. The owners of the property are referred to as tenants. With the help of an experienced real estate attorney, finding the best way to hold property for your specific situation does not have to be difficult.


Here are three ways you own property with someone else in North Carolina:

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Monroe Attorney Spotlight: Ashley McBride


Get to know your local Monroe, NC attorneys at

Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long LLP.



Ashley McBride joined Perry, Bundy, Plyer & Long in 2016 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Campbell Law. Ashley focuses her practice on Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Elder Law and Special Needs Planning.


Here is our interview with Ashley:


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4 Reasons You Need a Lawyer When Buying a Home


Spring home buying season is right around the corner.  Buying a home will probably be one of the biggest investments you ever make, and the process can be time consuming and confusing.  Finding a good real estate attorney should be at the top of your to-do list if you are planning to purchase a home soon.

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3 Common Legal Mistakes Every NC Home Buyer Should Avoid

Home buyer who made legal mistakes when buying a home


Spring home buying season is upon us! While buying a new home should be exciting and fun, there are also major legal considerations at each step of the home buying process. If you are not careful, you can easily make a legal mistake that can have long-lasting consequences. First time home buyers can be especially vulnerable.


An experienced legal attorney can help protect your interests and avoid these three mistakes many North Carolina home buyers make:


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What Actually Happens at A Real Estate Closing?

Real estate closings have a reputation for being stressful, complicated and time-consuming. But do you really know what happens on closing day? Here is our summary of what to expect on closing day and some helpful tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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