Personal Injury Lawyer

Monroe Personal InjuryBeing involved in an automobile wreck is often an overwhelming experience. One minute you are going on with life’s daily activities, and the next minute it all changes. First there is the issue of the recovering from the injuries you just suffered. Injuries can lead to trips to the emergency room, doctor’s offices, physical therapy sessions, and in some cases even surgery. Injuries often lead to missed time from work, which is often the most stressful part of being in an accident.

Then there is damage to your vehicle. That may entail renting another car for a few days while your car is getting fixed, or it may mean having to replace your vehicle entirely.

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Buckle-Up for Changes to NC Seat Belt Laws

New NC Seat Belt Laws Remind Us to Buckle-Up!

North Carolina’s seat belt laws have changed a few times over the last couple of decades. Regardless of age, if you are the driver or just a back seat passenger, North Carolina law now requires every occupant in a vehicle to buckbuckle-uple-up. However, a police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle and a back seat passenger not wearing a seat belt is not justification to stop a vehicle.

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Monroe Attorney Spotlight: Ellie Bragg

Best attorney in Monroe, NC , Ellie Bragg


Get to know your local Monroe, NC attorneys at Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long LLP.

Ellie Bragg joined Perry, Bundy, Plyer & Long in 2015 after graduating from North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2015.  Ellie focuses on family law, criminal law and traffic tickets, and civil litigation.

Here is our interview with Ellie:

What are your favorite types of cases to take?

I enjoy the cases where I really get to know the client. Typically, in a family law or criminal matter I get the opportunity to form a relationship with the client and even their family. I value those relationships and hope to build trust with my clients. I get the most satisfaction when I truly know that someone walked out of my office in a better position than they walked in.


What do you love about living in Union County?

I have lived in Union County almost all of my life. I attended Benton Heights Elementary, Monroe Middle and graduated from Monroe High School. I love how small-town Union County feels, yet we are growing every day. I love the people who make up this county and the community support I am able to experience not only in my professional life but personal life as well.


Did you always want to be a lawyer?

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer since I can remember. Growing up with a father as a judge, I had the unique experience to grow up in the courthouse, literally. I would spend many teacher workdays or holiday breaks in the court room watching how everything worked. I loved watching the court system back then and I consider it to be a privilege to be a member of our local bar now.


What’s your favorite place to eat in Monroe?

For a quick but delicious lunch, I love to walk right down the block to Stone Table – their daily taco specials are to die for! For dinner, my husband and I love to walk to Crust and Jam, best wings in town – hands down!


We know you are active in the American Red Cross. Can you tell us a little about your work there?

I serve on the Board of Directors for the Southern Piedmont American Red Cross. I chose to serve this organization because I believe in their mission. Whether it a house fire, a natural disaster or a small child needing blood, the American Red Cross is always there.


What is your favorite Saturday afternoon activity?

I enjoy hanging out with my husband, Will, our dog Raleigh and cheering on the North Carolina Tar Heels.


Where would you love to travel to?

Santorini, Greece


Beach or mountains?



What book are you reading?

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney


Why should a client work with Perry Bundy?

Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long can help you and your family through any legal obstacle from a traffic ticket to estate planning.  Our approach is  on apersonal level where we really aim to get to know our clients while earning their trust and keeping their best interests a priority. We are proud to live in and serve Union County.

To schedule a consultation with Ellie Bragg or another Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long LLP attorney in Monroe, contact us at 704-289-2519 today.



Are you eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits in NC?

Do you know if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income? If you are no longer able to work because of an injury or illness, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits.

Am I Disabled?

The Social Security Administration defines “disability” as a condition so severe it precludes a person from being able to perform a substantial amount of work for at least twelve months. A substantial amount of work, otherwise known as “substantial gainful activity”, means earning on average $1,180 or more per month or $1,970 Do you know if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income? If you are no longer able to work because of an injury or illness, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits.per month for the blind. When determining whether your condition is disabling and thus precludes you from performing substantial gainful activity, the Social Security Administration will look at your ability to perform basic functions such as lifting, standing, walking, sitting, and remembering. The  Social Security Administration will also take the following characteristics into consideration when determining whether you have the ability to perform substantial gainful activity:

  • Capability to perform last job (or any past jobs within the last 15 years)
  • Ability to perform alternative types of work
  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Acquired skills

The Social Security Administration will look at the above-mentioned factors to determine whether you have the ability to work any job. If you do not have the ability to perform any substantial gainful activity, you will be found disabled.


Social Security Disability Insurance

If you are disabled, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI is a program for individuals with prior work history who have paid a requisite amount into the Social Security system prior to becoming disabled. The Social Security Administration reviews two facets of your work history to determine if you are eligible for benefits: your recent work and the duration of your work.  Both requirements vary by age. Though the amount is less for younger applicants, most applicants are required to have worked at least five of the ten most recent years to qualify. The required duration of work varies by age and requires a higher number of years worked as an applicant ages. If you are disabled and have the requisite work history, you will receive SSDI benefits irrespective of your assets or income.


Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is is a need-based program for individuals who do not have the requisite work history to receive SSDI benefits. To qualify, you cannot have income or assets over a certain limit. Of course, you must also qualify as disabled under the above-discussed standards.

Filing A Social Security Claim

If you think you are disabled, you should file a claim with the Social Security Administration, either online or by visiting a local office. You should include a list of all impairments, conditions, and symptoms, along with a list of the addresses and phone numbers of all doctors, hospitals, and clinics involved in your treatment.

Appealing Disability Denials

The vast majority of applications for Social Security benefits are denied. Therefore, you will likely need to appeal the Social Security Administration’s initial decision that you are not disabled. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent you in your Social Security appeal can greatly increase your odds of eventually being found disabled and receiving benefits.  Your attorney will be aware of all deadlines, help you prepare your appeal, ensure the Social Security Administration has all of your records, advise you throughout the process and represent at your hearing.


If you have been denied Social Security benefits, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney today. Our team of Monroe, NC attorneys will work with you to present your Social Security appeal in a timely and persuasive manner to give you the best chance of receiving Social Security benefits.  Call 704-289-2519 to speak to an attorney today.

Should I Get a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident?

The unpredictable experience of an automobile accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed. One single event has the potential to change your life. If you ever find yourself in this situation, it is important to have someone on your side.


If you have been in an accident, your priority should be taking care of yourself and seeking medical attention for any injuries. Accidents can result in a trip to the emergency room, multiple doctor’s offices, and physical therapy sessions. It is essential to look into the services of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

In addition, serious injuries often have an enormous emotional and financial impact on you and your family. While trying to carry out your normal responsibilities and activities, you may also have to deal with:

  • body shops
  • car dealers
  • car rental providers
  • doctors
  • insurance adjustors
  • time missed from work
  • ongoing bills


Hiring an attorney in Monroe, NC to help you navigate through your personal injury claim will add ease to this process. While an insurance adjustor may be friendly to you on the telephone, their ultimate job is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. You want an even playing field between you and your insurance company, as they have an abundance of resources and legal experts assisting them during any negotiations. In addition to paying your medical bills, you should also be compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages, and any permanent scarring or disability.


At Perry, Bundy, Plyler, & Long, LLP we know how to handle these claims. We aim to alleviate the stress of the situation, so you can focus on what is most important, your recovery. Please call one of the attorneys at Perry, Bundy, Plyler, & Long, LLP 704-289-2519 to set up a free consultation.