Why You Need a Monroe Lawyer

Monroe AttorneyWhen legal problems arise, it may be difficult to decide if you need an Monroe NC lawyer. You may think that you will be able to represent yourself; however, be aware that many legal matters have gray areas and confusing laws that only the best attorneys can decipher.

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Why You Should Hire a Business Lawyer

Hiring Business LawyerIt costs money to hire a good business lawyer, which is why many small and medium sized companies do not avail themselves of professional legal help unless faced with a lawsuit.

However, hiring Perry Bundy Law, a Monroe NC lawyer from the start can help a business avoid having to face legal action in the first place. The following are some ways in which a good business lawyer can provide valuable assistance to a small business.

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Hiring an Adoption Attorney and Their Role

Divorce Attorney MonroeIf you’re considering adoption, you may also be considering whether to hire an adoption attorney to handle the process for you. That’s a fair question, because there are choice available.

If you can find a family law lawyer who handles adoptions, though, he or she can make the process less stressful. There will be a cost involved, of course, as there would be with any professional you hire. However, the cost can be well worth it to shorten the time it takes to adopt and make sure everything is handled properly.

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Do you need a Real Estate Lawyer?


Buying or selling a home may end up being the most significant financial transaction you ever engage in, one that affects all aspects of your life.  You likely don’t know all things you need to know to protect yourself.  That’s why it’s best to have a qualified real estate lawyer help you through the process.

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DWI – NC 30 Day Civil Revocation

Traffic Stop          In North Carolina, when you are charged with Driving While Impaired your license will be taken by the charging officer and automatically revoked for 30 days. The license is turned into the Clerk of Court where you can retrieve it after meeting the statutory requirements. However, you may be eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege which allows you to get back on the road during the revocation period. To be considered for a Limited Driving Privilege, you must meet certain requirements which our attorneys can help walk you through.

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What is Custody Mediation?

      Divorce-Mediation-Long-Island-Co-Parenting  Whenever a lawsuit is filed to establish custody, or a motion is filed to modify an existing custody order, the parties are ordered to attend Child Custody Mediation.  There are certain circumstances which may exempt the parties from mediation; however, generally speaking, custody mediation is mandatory.

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Buckle-Up for Changes to NC Seat Belt Laws

New NC Seat Belt Laws Remind Us to Buckle-Up!

North Carolina’s seat belt laws have changed a few times over the last couple of decades. Regardless of age, if you are the driver or just a back seat passenger, North Carolina law now requires every occupant in a vehicle to buckbuckle-uple-up. However, a police officer must have reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle and a back seat passenger not wearing a seat belt is not justification to stop a vehicle.

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Monroe Attorney Spotlight: Ashley McBride


Get to know your local Monroe, NC attorneys at

Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long LLP.



Ashley McBride joined Perry, Bundy, Plyer & Long in 2016 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Campbell Law. Ashley focuses her practice on Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, and Elder Law and Special Needs Planning.


Here is our interview with Ashley:


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How Does a Separation Agreement Work?


When couples decide to separate, it may be in their best interest to consider a separation agreement. Separation agreements are great tool for couples who have unique circumstances they would rather work out on their own without interference from the courts.

A separation agreement is a binding a contract between the parties that usually includes:

  • Post-Separation Support
  • Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Marital debt division
  • Child custody and child support (if you have children)

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3 Common Legal Mistakes Every NC Home Buyer Should Avoid

Home buyer who made legal mistakes when buying a home


Spring home buying season is upon us! While buying a new home should be exciting and fun, there are also major legal considerations at each step of the home buying process. If you are not careful, you can easily make a legal mistake that can have long-lasting consequences. First time home buyers can be especially vulnerable.


An experienced legal attorney can help protect your interests and avoid these three mistakes many North Carolina home buyers make:


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