Arbitration Services in Monroe, North Carolina

trust | Perry bundy lawWhen it comes to resolving civil disputes in North Carolina, a trial before a judge or jury is not the only option. You can use arbitration services Monroe, North Carolina to reach a resolution to your case outside of the courtroom. Essentially, the parties (or their lawyers) pick a private person or persons to decide the case rather than a judge. An experienced arbitrator may have particular skills in an area of the law which can help cut down on expenses and time necessary to move forward. In a trial, significant time often must be spent to bring the judge up to speed. 

Unfortunately, courts are backed up now more than ever due to Covid. Getting a court date may take many months. Arbitration can get your case decided quicker. In arbitration, an experienced arbitrator will decide the outcome of your case. 

Did you know that a successful arbitration can significantly reduce the time you spend on a dispute? If you are interested in this, contact Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long, LLP today. 


Arbitration Vs. Mediation

Any method of dispute resolution that doesn’t involve a courtroom is classified under alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). Arbitration and mediation are two of the most commonly used types of ADR. Essentially, the aim of ADR is to help the involved parties reach an agreement while saving the money, time, and energy usually invested in a drawn-out litigation process.

Although arbitration and mediation are similar in some ways, they also have key differences. Negotiations during mediation, for instance, are driven by the two involved in the dispute, while the mediator takes on a neutral, third-party role.

On the other hand, in an arbitration, the arbitrator is a decision-making role, similar to a judge. The arbitrator can pass binding judgments on specific areas of conflict among the disputing parties. It is also important to know that, unlike mediation, arbitration is not automatically court-ordered for family law cases. The parties have to choose to arbitrate. 


Arbitration in North Carolina

North Carolina was the first state in the United States to adopt an arbitration statute specific to family law issues. To date, it remains one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation on family law arbitration. A divorcing couple, for example, can agree to arbitration on all issues that arise from the divorce process, except the divorce itself. 

Besides family law issues, arbitration can be used to solve disputes in a wide range of cases. At Perry, Bundy, Plyler & Long, LLP, our Arbitration Services Monroe North Carolina cover the following civil litigation disputes:

  • Breach of contract
  • Debt collection
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Will challenges
  • Estate disputes
  • Title disputes


Who Arbitrates a Dispute?

When two parties agree to arbitration in writing, they can also decide who they would like to serve as an arbitrator in their case. The default option is a single arbitrator, but the parties could also opt for a panel of several arbitrators. 

In the event two disputing parties cannot agree on an arbitrator or the exact number they would like in their arbitration panel, the court will usually appoint a single arbitrator for the case. North Carolina courts or the parties can choose arbitrators from established organizations. As in mediation, the cost of the arbitrator is the responsibility of the parties. 


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